Dream Machine Creative
No production is a production without Dream Machine Creative!

Kevin Dawkins aka Treblemaker
Our new musical director!  The man is a triple threat of talent.

Michael McCluskey
His hands can make any production fire on all pistons.

Dax Martinez-Vargas

Executive Producer and Host! 

‚ÄčExpertise:  Posing with awards he didn't win.

Barry Adam Flanagan
Years of experience: 33

Expertise: Experience.

To contact us:   info@snipersontheroof.com

We're on a roof

Creative directing duo, Sniper Twins, interview people in the arts on roofs and a variety of other things.  It's that simple.  But not always easy to do. Especially when there's only stairs.  But there's something satisfying about knowing there's no roof over the guest or host's heads.  For example, at any moment, it could rain.  That's just how it goes when you're working on a Snipers on the Roof variety talk show.

About Us... Snipers On The Roof Variety Talk Show

Rob Miller
A wing man who makes your buddies look like rookies.  

Expertise:  Dance moves like you've never seen.

Scott Herriott

Expertise:  An amount of positivity you didn't know existed.

Our Team

We want a show where film people can see who is available and able to be a part of their future team.  We want people to learn from people in every part of the film business.  And we want it to be fun.  And outside.

Our Vision

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Kevin Thornton
Our amazing video editor with amazing 

insight into the fruits of our galaxy.


Susan Thornton
A Writer/Director/Editor
A lover, not a fighter.  But she can kick your ass.